Sony Xperia Z5 SPECTRE Competition – SA

Miss Moneypenny in the new Sony Xperia Z5 advert (

Miss Moneypenny in the new Sony Xperia Z5 advert (

Sony has released its `Made for Bond’ advert, which stars Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, ahead of the release of the latest Bond film, SPECTRE. The commercial follows Moneypenny being chased through London as she fights off henchmen to deliver Bond’s phone – the Sony Xperia Z5, and showcasing a lot of the phone’s features in the process.

Sony South Africa have launched a tie-in website ( with a SPECTRE / Xperia Z5 competition.

You’ll need to login to the website either by email, Facebook or Twitter. Then you’ll require a code to unlock the briefcase. Obtain it by answering three Xperia Z5 and SPECTRE related questions every week. Once you’ve answered the three questions correctly, you will receive a unique 9 digit code. Your weekly code is valid from Monday to Sunday. Enhance your chances of winning by obtaining a new code each week to unlock the briefcase.

After using the dials on the briefcase to enter your unique code. The briefcase may contain the weekly grand prize, an Xperia Z5 and the complete James Bond DVD Collection. You can also enter your code throughout the week to stand the chance of winning a set of double SPECTRE movie tickets.

For more information and to enter visit:


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