Trigger Mortis review

trigger mortis

Anthony Horowitz

When it was announced that Anthony Horowitz was chosen by Ian Fleming Publications to pen the new James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis, I was excited to read it for a couple of reasons. Horowitz’s treatment of his two Sherlock Holmes novels, House of Silk and Moriarty, were brilliant, and if you like the genre and haven’t read them yet then I suggest you do. Horowitz was also using original, unseen material from Ian Fleming as a starting point and putting Bond back in the era of the original books.

Trigger Mortis fits in after Fleming’s Goldfinger and while there are mentions of the previous mission it isn’t the focus of the new plot, rather we get to see what becomes of Pussy Galore. Meanwhile SMERSH is back and Bond has to try and stop a plot to kill a British racing driver at the Nurburgring Grand Prix. Bond soon finds out this is only the beginning as he discovers the main threat involves the United States space programme.

Jason Sin, is a ruthless character with his own uniquely cruel quirks and his quest for revenge might even be understood due to his great back-story.

Jeopardy Lane is a strong female character and turns out to be very important to not only Bond’s mission but his survival as well.

Overall, Trigger Mortis is a fast paced, well thought out addition to the James Bond book series and a good page-turner. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope that Horowitz gets to write more.


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