007 collectibles coming soon


Big Chief Studios Ltd. has announced that it will produce a range of high-end collectables based on the classic James Bond film series.

Working in collaboration with EON Productions, the first wave of figures will feature characters from the 1964 classic Goldfinger including: James Bond (Sean Connery) in his iconic grey three-piece suit; Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) and Oddjob (Harold Sakata).

Initial product offerings will be focused around the very first films in the series featuring Sean Connery as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 and will include the world-dominating villains, lethal henchmen and intelligent enchanting women of Bond. The highly detailed figures will feature accurate character likenesses, authentically styled hand-tailored costumes and accessories. The range will be further enhanced and expanded with additional characters from the James Bond film series.

Initial product releases will be available direct to consumers via Big Chief’s dedicated website, www.007.com and through select hobby and specialist retailers.

Check out www.bigchiefstudios.co.uk for more information.


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